Monday, January 28, 2008

What You Need To Know About The Beef You Eat

If you think buying organic dairy products is expensive, try the beef! We have been trying to switch over but it's not easy. Reducing how much meat we eat has helped as well as the fact that Costco has been carrying an organic ground beef. I read this article at Mother Earth News and EWWWW YUCK! I know there is a lot of anti this and that information out there, so sometimes it is hard to know who is telling the truth. However, this is a well documented and researched article and falls in line with other things I have been reading.

The article is long but at the end there is a great summary that I am going to print out and put in my Kitchen binder in the shopping section so that I can have a handy reference.

They also recommend that you look for local sources and link to Eat Wild, which is a new resource to me and Local Harvest, a great resource I have referred to in the past.

Another article at Mother Earth News speaks about the process of injecting meat with fluids and gasses to prolong its life and/or mask negative qualities.

I have to laugh. I grew up thinking that Mother Earth News was for Godless Heathen Hippies! LOL Now I'm reading it myself and learning. It is still not a Christian resources but it is a good resource for certain things.


Charlotte said...

Lol Mother Earth News and Godles Heathen Hippies! My hubby works at a Whole Foods Co-op, has for a long time, is a Christian...has lots of Christians working for/with him, along with other people who might fit your traditional "hippie" image better, but isn't it insteresting that many people are shocked to find out what we believe (we look pretty average, as I know Theresa knows), because he works there? Sometimes Christian customers even make comments to the effect that the store should hire some Christians, and I must assert that there isn't anything anti-Christian in the store, or even promoting other religions. Just food, and maybe ear candles and essential oils, etc. I think hubby is there for a reason.

Roger said...

Very interesting - I was glad to read your mention of the Vita-Mix since I am ordering one today. BTW, I started reading MEN in 1971 while working in a very white collar job; retired from that job and still read it. No Hippy here (well maybe a little bit at heart).

Theresa said...

Thanks for stopping by Roger. I know you probably won't come back to this to see a reply, but I didn't have any other way to write you. I hope you will like your Vita-Mix...we use it every day and make lots of healthy smoothies, soups and other fun stuff. We have only had it two months so we are still learning all the possibilities!