In general, most Americans do not get enough exercise.  We need to get up and move!  For myself, I know that I cannot lose weight if I don't exercise.  It always seems to be hard to get moving, but once I do, I really enjoy it and wonder what took me so long!  It feels so good to have strong muscles and to be able to move freely. Since August 2008 my exercise routine has been interrupted by injury of my knees (torn meniscus) and hips (bursitis on one side and tendonitis on the other).  As I write this (November 2010) I am in physical therapy and beginning to exercise again. 

I wrote the following in 2008 and it includes some good links.  I love Leslie Sansone DVDs because almost anyone can do this and you get core and upper body benefits as well as back and lower leg.  If you are interested, read on:

Finally, in May 2008 I began exercising. I am primarily using Leslie Sansone walking DVDs. Before beginning an exercise routine, please check with your doctor to make sure it is okay for you. I can only share what works for me and I am not responsible for the choices you make with this information. (my disclaimer!)

I recommend starting with Walk the Walk 1 & 2 Mile. This is from 1992, so a little outdated in style, but the exercises are good, especially for a beginner who cannot do high impact. Some of the songs are hymns.

For a little variety, sometimes I do Walk and Kick which incorporates very simple and basic kick boxing moves.

On 6/20/2008, I began Walk Slim - Fast Start 1 & 2 Mile Walk and 3 Mile Walk (2 DVD set). I purchased this as a set from QVC. Just put Leslie Sansone in the search box. With tax and shipping, my 5 DVD set and an exercise band came to about $37. Much cheaper than a gym for the next year and I don't have to get a baby sitter! However, I do not recommend beginning with this unless you are already used to walking or are fairly fit.

If you would like to know more about Leslie Sansone's walking program, please visit Walk At Home.

If you wonder why I am not walking outside, which is free, it is because the air in my city is on the top 10 cities with the worst air according to the American Lung Association and I have asthma. For 5 months of the year we potentially have temps 90-110*. These factors aggravate my asthma.