Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Born In The Wrong Century?

I came across this fun blog Born In The Wrong Century - Lots of ideas here!

Healthy Cereals

Our family does not eat cereal very much for several reasons.  One is the cost.  The price is so much more expensive than oatmeal, which my husband and daughters in particular, really love.  Then awhile back I read about a study where they fed rats cereal, rat food and the third group was fed the box that the cereal came in.  The rats that ate the cereal died first.  The rats eating the cardboard box the cereal came in lived longer! That was eye opening.  We never did eat all the sugary and colored cereals, but even some of the plain cereals are not that great for you.

The one cereal I have occasionally enjoyed when in a no cook or speedy situation is Nature's Path.  They are a good company from what I've read and are based in Blaine, WA, which is just up the highway from my parents.

The Cornucopia Institute released its survey of cereal brands and companies, paying attention to details such as organic certification, use of GMO foods and use of hexane and petrochemicals.  You can see the scorecard HERE.  I was happy to see Nature's Path received their highest score!  Since a lot of families use cereal, I thought you might like having this information.