What is HEALTHY?  One could answer that question many ways.  When you begin researching healthy cooking and lifestyles, you will find many opposing views out there.  Some eat no animal products while others feel the day is incomplete without them. Some cook, some eat raw.  There are a lot of choices.  So where am I coming from on my blog?

Moderation.  Going to extremes is what made me unhealthy in the first place.  While I think there is a lot of truth in most of the health ideas out there - raw, vegan, fermented etc, I don't feel that only one way is right.

For now, my goal is to provide the best quality food for my family.  We choose organic as much as possible, try to stay away from chemicals and processed foods and daily seek to add more raw veggies to our fare.  Technically I suppose we are flexitarians - we eat meat when we can afford quality farm raised meat, but otherwise eat vegetarian.  My motto is "Eat food as close to how YHVH (God) made it as possible!"

From time to time you will see me discussing many of these options, but I will not be "choosing sides" so to speak.